When I left her, she had a tear upon her face where she used to do a smile. When I left her I couldn’t  stop to dream about come back.

Embrace my fate and maybe she would follow me. Even I beggin, couldn’t feel her heart on mine. There wasn’t a single sentence, she was so holy but haven’t any proud, my guilt haunted her life. She don’t believe in freedom anymore and even though I begged heaven, could not dry those tears of her hollow soul. 

Embrace my fate and maybe she would follow me. She used to know so well the answer so proud. Do she know what I felt? No you leave anymore, she said me. But even if I had a choise I couldn’t be released because there is no choice for a dead warrior.

I couldn’t never escape of my doom, crossing the seas of sorrows.  May I forget how life used to be? One day she will be…

Following me.

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